Quality Reasons to Buy @RawTibicos

Why dried food? When looking at nutrition, we like to ask two questions: how much nutrition is in it? And how bio-available are the nutrients? One of the reasons raw food is more popular in warm weather than in cold weather, is cooked food is more bio-available to us. Cold weather requires a lot of work, to keep our body temperature up, as anyone who has spent the day outside in snow knows!

Cooking does degrade some nutrients -- for us @RawTIbicos, drying is a nice middle ground between raw food (hard to store, not as bio-available), and cooked food! Of course, items like potatoes, which need to be fully cooked are gently roasted, then dried . . . However, the end result is that with very little cooking, you can prepare one of our foods fresh at home, knowing that the veggies that need to be roasted, are, and the ones that can be dried and gently reheated for maximum flavour, are only dried!

The other change that cooking makes, is it deactivates enzymes. Enzymes are Nature's helpers to digest food. We can create enzymes ourselves, but some researchers believe that the burden of creating too many enzymes for too much cooked food can lead to disease. We have you covered here, too, with our full enzyme and pro-biotic water kefir! Have a glass of water kefir with your @RawTibicos soup or other cooked food, knowing that you are giving your digestion a helping hand.

Beans can be a little tricky, and we use a lot of beans in our soups, because they are fabulous little nutritional powerhouses, in addition to being tasty, and also, of course, nitrogen-fixing, for our soil health. Beans have their own natural preservatives, to keep the bean whole until it is time to sprout in the spring. Preservatives are not really what we want in the GI tract, which is all about breaking substances down into usable parcels. For this reason, we mimic spring conditions for the beans, before cooking, so that the beans can naturally deactivate their preservatives for our easy assimilation!

For all of you who are gluten-free, keto, or other grain-averse diners, everything on this web site is grain-free - including the buckwheat side - which is not a wheat at all, but a starchy seed - and in itself a powerhouse of nutrition and taste!

While all of our products could be combined with chicken or other bone broths, they are flavoured to be delicious without broths. Much of the flavour comes from herbs which are also medicinal - horehound, nettle, saffron, kudzu, honeysuckle, and hops, to name some. The important thing with herbs is to find those that you enjoy; as herbs are also foods, and without negative consequences (for those of us not allergic to a particular herb), they can also be used preventatively.

Every time we order, we work to source the best quality ingredients that we can, and one of the ingredients with the quality that is really worth the extra cost, is our salt. We use a salt which is recently dried from sea water, and only contains 84% sodium chloride; the remaining 16% are trace minerals as found in sea water. If one takes a dish of water with our salt, and a dish of water with regular table salt, and tries to grow a salt-loving plant in it, the importance of the trace minerals will quickly be seen!

Finally, a word about @RawTibicos' water kefir. Many of you may be familiar with kombucha - water kefir is similar - but many say less sour and perhaps more yeasty. Our water kefir is unusual in that we use brown sugar and honey to make it! In other words, all the nutrition of cane molasses and honey, with almost all of the sugar cultured out! Additionally, we only sell our water kefir in bulk, for better value. We have designed a concentrated -- but still "live" water kefir that can be shipped to you, at tremendous savings - and very little work to reconstitute it at home!