12 Fantastic Reasons to Eat @RawTibicos

People who regularly eat @RawTibicos foods are better-looking, smarter, healthier and kinder than average.  How do we know this?  It's the miracle of good nutrition!  Whether or not you actually eat @RawTibicos, you too, can share in the benefits of healthy eating, there is no secret to it.  Our magic is that we make healthy eating easier for you -- with quick-cooking, flexible soups and easy to store and rehydrate water kefir:

Important disclaimer:  This page contains Soup&Kefir @RawTibicos' rationale behind our food design.   It is not intended to replace proper medical attention or treatment.  For any questions about what is here, please confirm with your doctor or other appropriate researcher, this is given as opinion only!

1. Keto: No grains, in any product! Whatever your style of keto, the foods here are easy to adapt to it, and combine well with your personal keto style. It is hard enough to follow a special diet - let us give you a hand!

2. Detox:  Bitter flavours have been studied recently, for their ability to activate bile.  Bile is crucial to flushing toxins out of the liver.   Western cuisine has been a little bit short on bitter, but we do use bitters in some of our soups --  the horehound in our Tomato Soup, and the Lemon Peel in Lemon Lentil are two examples.  After the bile flushed out the toxins, lots and lots of plant fiber, in our soups, can help stop the toxins from being reabsorbed in the lower GI tract.  Why not add a glass of water kefir, for a gently hydrating final wash of your insides?   If you need extra bitters, add some to your water kefir as you reconstitute it!

3. Weight: Weight control is a lot more complicated than the "eat less, exercise more" some experts advocate. Think of a house, where you have papers, old electronics, light bulbs, or other material that you aren't sure what to do with or how to get rid of. It kind of piles up in the corners, under beds, the back of closets, where ever is out of the way, doesn't it? It seems our bodies act the same way - too much of a toxin or mineral imbalance for the kidneys or liver to process, or one of the elements or compounds that mimics a natural nutrient, that the body isn't sure what to do with, and it may simply get stored out of the way. It may take a little detective work to uncover what your particular problem is; but @RawTibicos can definitely help. Check out the other advice on this page, and also on our page "Quality Reasons to Buy", and please stay in touch, we love to hear success stories!

4. Headaches: One of our soups - Eggplant & Chickpea - contains kudzu, which has the reputation of helping headaches. This is an invasive species, with a terrific nutritional profile, so eating kudzu does double duty for us and for the environment. Plus, the plant fiber in any of our soups helps with some of the possible causes of headaches or migraines. The fiber helps proper hydration, acting a a sponge for the rest of you to draw on or absorb water as needed, and also can help pull out any impurities that might be causing pain. Our water kefir is a gentle drink, more soothing than plain water, and when you reconstitute it at home, you can use herbs such as chamomile or peppermint which may help. Finally, may we suggest a bath with epsom salts? Perhaps with a glass of water kefir, and a bowl of @RawTIbicos soup after?

5. Support sustainable farming: How many of the hurts on this page are a result of the way that we grow, process, and sell food? When our current system was set up, the ideal was low-fiber, totally sterile, easy-to-process and store food. Decades later, we know a lot more about the needs of the human body, but our legacy food cycle holds onto the past. Purchasing from @RawTibicos shows that consumers do want the kinds of foods that can be grown in a more plant-centered manner.

6. Allergies: Remember a time when you had a head cold or flu, how sounds and experiences that you normally enjoy, were simply too much? Isn't it the same with our bodies - that when we are under physical or other stress, the food equivalent of loud music and parties are simply too much? We've had a lot of anecdotal evidence that when people eat a diet closer to the @RawTibicos diet, allergies can fade away.

7. Disease prevention:  As with allergies, above, disease is much more likely to strike when we are malnourished. It can be hard to tell individually - did I get sick because of junk food? - however, in studies of groups of people, historians can absolutely prove that disease is more likely when people are malnourished, and specifically -pandemics happen after mass malnutrition. In the past, famine, bad harvests and war caused malnutrition - in modern times, we can add "functional malnutrition" to the list. "Good nutrition" isn't as sexy as a vaccine or new drug, but it is proven to be effective, with many less side effects.

8. Economical: Our appetites need a couple things, before engaging the Stop Sign - protein, energy, in fats and carbohydrates - and nutrients.  Missing some essential nutrients in your diet?  You'll stay hungry.  Why is getting nutrients from your food better than from a vitamin pill?  Too many reasons to list here, however one of the biggest is the topic of mineral imbalances.  If you are short on something, you should find yourself craving foods that provide it.  With a vitamin pill, you are not addressing the imbalance between minerals.  Can your body excrete the extra, imbalanced minerals?  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  Is that good enough for peak health?

9.  Energy:  Modern science takes the view that carbohydrates are carbohydrates, regardless of source.  Really?   When was this actually tested?  @RawTibicos we invite you to test this yourself - if you don't feel better, and have more energy on our starchy non-grain foods - then we will give you your money back.  This includes our non-grain, starchy seed buckwheat, which we sell as a side, to turn any soup into a grain bowl!

10.  Sodium/ potassium pump:  Cells use sodium and potassium to generate the energy they need to do anything, really.  Not only is this energy important to us in our daily lives, but maintaining the sodium/ potassium pump may be crucial in avoiding cancer.  Why does this matter @RawTibicos?  Most of our soups are quite high in potassium.  We all get more than enough sodium -  the potassium is just as important, and harder to find in a modern, processed diet.

11.  Salt as blood:  Like Venus from the ocean, we all originally came from the sea, and we all carry a memory of "home" in our blood, which has a similar mineral palette to the sea.  For this reason, we use a salt which is recently dried from sea water, and only contains 84% sodium chloride; the remaining 16% are trace minerals as found in sea water.  If one takes a dish of water with our salt, and a dish of water with regular table salt, and tries to grow a salt-loving plant in it, the importance of the trace minerals will quickly be seen!  One note, though, to our health-loving friends --  iodine evaporates along with the air, and so is not present in our 16% trace minerals.

12.  Beauty: What is beauty, other than a healthy, happy body at his or her best, sharing with with world all that makes us special? Shall we wish this for every person? Why not?


Twelve reasons!  One for each month of the year, or one for each sign of the zodiac, if you prefer . . .